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  1. Ah, ok, I didn't see the "multiple customers should not see domains they do not own" point of view. :-( My usecase at the moment is quite small with only a couple of friens as "customers". And not having them to remember the domain of the mailserver is quite usefull. But anyway. On the Other hand: wouldn't that prevent feature request #1627 from ever working "automatically"? I might be wrong, but Froxlor will not "manage" the own (Froxlor-)domain. Adding the (sub) domain, will even result in an error that the system - hostname can not be added as customer domain. Therefore one could configure the $mailserver to use an arbitrary certificate from the Froxlor cert directory and, as the name will not change, this will be updated regularly. (Postfix for example will reload the certificate on a new worker start, which is approx every 10 minutes)...
  2. Hi, I was wondering if Froxlor could already support using the Let's encrypt certificates for mail servers. During my search I saw the feature request #1627 and also realised that froxlor aparently creates one certificate per domain instead of a certificate for all domains (SAN certificate). Before starting to develop a solution[1], I would like to pick the brain of the main developers, if there was a specific reason to use multiple certificates? Anything that would prevent my then pull-request to go through? One drawback would obviously be the change of the certificate for all domains, if one new domain is registered. This would make certificate pinning harder. And maybe the duplication of the certificates in the database is undesirable. Cheers, Snafu 1) I was thinking along the line of giving the Admin a global checkbox to configure if single certificates should be used or one SAN. depending on this switch obviously the certificate file for the http server needs to change and the request to let's encrypt can not just ask for new certificates expiring within 30 days.
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