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  1. I would, if I could. Already argued with support and said, that GDPR requires state of the art IT security/software. They told me, an appraiser/expert would deny this in court... So I stopped arguing...
  2. Thank you for your fast reply. We or to be precise the support already updated to the maxium version currently supported. Had kind of discussion, where they told us, it's all safe and there is no need to update always... bla bla... We have many website with wordpress and in standard configuration mails are send with php function and not over SMTP. If it would be an easy alternative, I would have switched already... Your proposal needs to set a hard coded mail address for each domain. Is there a way to set the senders name globally to panel_customers -> company and the mail address to admin@one-of-our-server-domain. This way, IP of domain matches IP of mail. I'm currently not sure, if this is best solution. Perhaps we change the mail address of the customers in panel_customers to a mail address of the domain on the server. But this would leave the problem, that there is still the name of the customer visible and I don't want to delete it form customer table. Sorry for confusion... I'm still in progress of searching a solution...
  3. Hi, we are using Froxlor 0.10.28 on one of our servers. The support of our server couldn't help us. When mails from a custom domain are sent through php mail function, the sender mail address is the mail address from the panel_customers table and the name is the name of the customer. On earlier Froxlor release, there was written "froxlor user". So there seems to be a place, where this is connection between php and froxlor is set. But we don't want, that the php mail function uses the mail address from customer table, because it could be another mail address domain than the one of the actual domain. And this causes errors in deliverability, because IP of sender mail address does not match IP of domain. Additionally, the name of the customer does not have to be the person, which is reliable for the service/website etc. And finally, it's also a data protection issue, because "private" address and name is sent... Our server provider and it's technical support couldn't help with this issue. Any help would be appreciated Webserver: Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) PHP-Version: 7.1.33-40+0~20210826.58+debian9~1.gbp6c4ede MySQL-Server-Version: 5.5.5-10.1.48-MariaDB-0+deb9u2
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