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  1. Thank you very mutch 😃 now working great!
  2. Thank you very mutch 😃 now working great!
  3. Thanks for answer, i make chown but i cant login, do i have to reinstall everything?
  4. Hello, i have installed Froxlor with all green word and this in orange: File was saved in /tmp/fx2ILl6L, please move to /var/www/froxlor/lib/userdata.inc.php# but in my tmp i have this: systemd-private-6dedecshgffdghfdsgfdga..........-apache2.service-p9qKqQ systemd-private-6dedecshgffdghfdsgfdga..........-dovecot.service-NcroDr systemd-private-6dedecshgffdghfdsgfdga..........-ntp.service-RjR7cw I cant login in panel, and i redirect to the page for installation, but if i retry the installation have this see image: Thanks for your help. PS: before install i make this: update mysql.user set password=password('YOUR_MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWD') where user='root'; update mysql.user set plugin='' where user='root'; flush privileges;
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