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  1. Greetings again, I have finished the manual installation (almost finished), it remains to fill in the DB to log into the web interface. What tables do I need? there are so many of them that my eyes run away, maybe there is some way easier to do it (web installation is not possible).
  2. Finaly i do that)) i try to to load db manualy one more time)))
  3. Oh, its my php8.1.2 now im trying to do yhe same on cygwin 7.4 php and got next problem: what is wrong with my froxlor user? PS yeah i do it on windows with help of cygwin - its exe.linux posix project And have manually install backup copy of database from cygwin to my ubuntu OS and have a full profit.
  4. Hello everybody! I've been trying to install Froxlor, but I've been failing for a couple of days now. At first i create 3 users with privilegy (frox, froxlor and froxlor010). then istart web installer. After the second (filling in the fields: hostname, users, etc.) page, I have a white screen. Filled out like this: Connecting to the database MySQL-Hostname: localhost Database name: froxlor Backup and overwrite the database if it exists?: Username for the unprivileged MySQL account: froxlor010 Password for an unprivileged MySQL account: password The username for the MySQL account is root: frox Password for the MySQL-root account: password The path to the MySQL server certificate file: Checking the MySQL TLS certificate: Administrator Account Administrator User Name: froxlor Administrator Password: password Administrator-Password (confirm): password I tried to make configs manually. Here's what I wrote in ../froxlor/lib/userdata.inc.php : <?php $sql['host']='localhost'; $sql['user']='froxlor'; $sql['password']='password'; $sql['db']='froxlor'; $sql_root[0]['caption']='frox'; $sql_root[0]['host']='localhost'; $sql_root[0]['user']='froxlor'; $sql_root[0]['password']='password'; ?> Then run script in terminal sudo php /var/www/froxlor/install/scripts/config-services.php --froxlor-dir=/var/www/froxlor/ --create And copy database mysql -u froxlor -p froxlor < /var/www/froxlor/install/froxlor.sql it call a mistake after second install page? so i drop the baseAnd i still have white screen, what im doing not correct or how to install Froxlor by hands?
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