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  1. Just an update, I used the instructions here to reset my root account and was able to restore access. As I suspected, one of the steps was to add the 'mysql_native_password' string to the plugin field in the users table: UPDATE mysql.user SET plugin = 'mysql_native_password' WHERE user = 'root'; I think line 401 in the installer script should be looked at and modified so it does not break for other Ubuntu/mysql users in the future
  2. Had to leave my terminal but off the top of my head.... Ubuntu 18.x LTS Mysql 5.7.34
  3. I have been browsing the installer code and while I can't be sure I suspect something happened in line 401: $db_root->exec("UPDATE mysql.user SET `plugin` = '' WHERE `User` = '" . $this->_data['sql']['root_user'] . "';"); When I setup mysql a few years ago I believe I followed my VPS's guide (digital ocean) and it shows that my user table should look like this: Perhaps removing the plugin has bricked my admin account? Luckily this is not critical to get admin access back today. I found some instructions on resetting the account but I can't try it until the weekend when I can take down the mysql database for a while.
  4. I error out on the first attempt to check my mysql username/password because I can no longer login to root:
  5. I am trying to install froxlor on my VPS. I started by downloading the php shell-installer as shown on this site: https://froxlor.org/download.php During the install it asked for my mysql admin login (root/password) and all seemed to be going well until further in the script I got an access denied message for my root user. Now I can't seem to get back into mysql with my admin account. I can access the new unprivileged user account the script created, as well as other user accounts, but my root login gets access denied. Here is the sequence: As you can see I have successful login, creates the database and user. Then abruptly the login stops working and errors out when creating the tables. After the script stops I can no longer access mysql. Anyone have any ideas? I have yet to reboot the server as it is running some minor services I would prefer not to take down during the week but I will try that on friday if nothing else. Thank you
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