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  1. Thanks, the erros are the following: Warning 102 Provided glue records not applicable (NS) xxx.net IN NS xxx.xxx.net /xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Warning 102 Provided glue records not applicable (NS) xxx.net IN NS ns2.afraid.org / Warning 112 Minimum TTL out of range (expected, found) [180..86400] 604800
  2. From the domain register when i try to change the domain nameserver. Because its required by the register to have at least two nameserver records. with diferent ips, and i only have 1. Yes, since froxlor draw the entire zone file for the domain i wouldnt have the need to write it on the dns provider. PRIMARY isnt the same as MASTER and SECONDARY / SLAVE? What configuration do you need? I dont remember changing anything after the froxlor configuration.
  3. Hi know that this isnt about froxlor, but a little bit of help, please. I have configured dns server(bind9) on my vps with ns2.afraid.org as secondary DNS. Bind is correctly configured and awsering through dig comands as well as afraid, but when i try to set them up as NS server on a domain i got the following error: “Procedural errors occurred when modifying the DNS in the domain. Please check if the domain does not have the Lock status and the indicated DNS are registered through Internic.”(translated) Note: the domain is not in locked status. Thanks in advance, a
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