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  1. Oh ok, that's great. Thanks :)
  2. Ok, I'm starting work on it now. Also, I noticed the one negative thing a lot of reviews are saying is that there is a real lack of documentation. Do you have any sort of basic layout for the file structure. I'm just wondering where I would go about adding the code, assuming I want it to show up as a tab in the settings for the admin and customer. I could also help with adding to the documentation too, once I get to understand it all a bit better. P.S. I meant to say, great work by the way. I've been dying to see something like this for ages. It was an absolute breeze to install and everything just went super smoothly, it's really impressive and I hope I can help make it even more awesome.
  3. Hi. I'm just wondering, is it possible to migrate an account from cpanel to froxlor or could I possibly add this functionality? I'd also be happy to work on adding google drive and amazon s3 support, if nobody is working on that already? Atom Networks.
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