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  1. I looked under /tmp/ first, that is why I said nothing was there. I then went and searched the entire file structure and the file is under /tmp/***apache2***/ <-- really long directory name here... The directory under which you find the file in question is difficult to locate since it isn't identified as a Froxlor directory, but rather it is namespaced under apache2. Also, every time you rerun the initialization script, it will generate a new file name under this pseudo-apache2 directory. Moving it to the specified folder fixed the problem as /var/www/example/froxlor/userdata.i
  2. Ok, I see my mistake. I re-run the installer and see this in yellow (which I presume doesn't mean "failed" as that would be red, but "caution, do this", which in fact is what it is telling me to do): File was saved in /tmp/fx7ROK0g, please move to /var/www/example/froxlor/lib/userdata.inc.php A quick check of my system shows no file or directory named "fx7ROK0g' anywhere in the file manager. So while it is telling me to move a file that was created, it was never created. I have checked for hidden files and everything under '/var/*" and there is no file with that name. Please
  3. I am installing Froxlor 10 on Debian 10 with MySQL and Apache2 on a home web server. I get to the installation screen by going to localhost/froxlor and I get "Welcome to Froxlor" "It seems that Froxlor has not been installed yet." "Click on the link below to start the installation." I click "Start Install" and get to this page: Checking system requirements... All requirements are satisfied [green] and this is at the bottom: All requirements are satisfied Clicking the link to continue takes me to: Database connection MySQL-Hostname: Da
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