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  1. I looked under /tmp/ first, that is why I said nothing was there. I then went and searched the entire file structure and the file is under /tmp/***apache2***/ <-- really long directory name here... The directory under which you find the file in question is difficult to locate since it isn't identified as a Froxlor directory, but rather it is namespaced under apache2. Also, every time you rerun the initialization script, it will generate a new file name under this pseudo-apache2 directory. Moving it to the specified folder fixed the problem as /var/www/example/froxlor/userdata.inc.php Thanks
  2. Ok, I see my mistake. I re-run the installer and see this in yellow (which I presume doesn't mean "failed" as that would be red, but "caution, do this", which in fact is what it is telling me to do): File was saved in /tmp/fx7ROK0g, please move to /var/www/example/froxlor/lib/userdata.inc.php A quick check of my system shows no file or directory named "fx7ROK0g' anywhere in the file manager. So while it is telling me to move a file that was created, it was never created. I have checked for hidden files and everything under '/var/*" and there is no file with that name. Please advise...
  3. I am installing Froxlor 10 on Debian 10 with MySQL and Apache2 on a home web server. I get to the installation screen by going to localhost/froxlor and I get "Welcome to Froxlor" "It seems that Froxlor has not been installed yet." "Click on the link below to start the installation." I click "Start Install" and get to this page: Checking system requirements... All requirements are satisfied [green] and this is at the bottom: All requirements are satisfied Clicking the link to continue takes me to: Database connection MySQL-Hostname: Database name: Username for the unprivileged MySQL-account: Password for the unprivileged MySQL-account: Username for the MySQL-root-account: Password for the MySQL-root-account: Administrator Account Administrator Username: Administrator Password: Administrator-Password (confirm): Enable the official newsfeed (https://inside.froxlor.org/news/): Server settings Server name (FQDN, no ip-address): Server IP: Webserver Apache 2.4: HTTP username: HTTP groupname: [With all the correct fields and passwords filled in...] Clicking the [continue] button takes me to the success screen...: Froxlor install - setup Checking MySQL-root access... OK Creating backup of old database... OK Preparing database... OK Creating database and username... OK Testing if database and user have been created correctly... OK Importing data... OK Adjusting settings... OK Inserting new values... OK Creating admin-account... OK Creating configfile... File was saved in /... Froxlor was installed successfully. Clicking the login button takes me to this: "Welcome to Froxlor" "It seems that Froxlor has not been installed yet." "Click on the link below to start the installation." And the process starts all over again... It doesn't matter which browser I use - Chrome, Firefox - the result is the same. I am a new Linux user, so some help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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