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  1. Thanks. Before your answered, I've edite the /var/www/froxlor/install/updates/froxlor/0.10 # vi update_0.10.inc.php file and comment few lines in this files. It seems i've done it right Thanks d00p !
  2. Hi team. When I tried to upgrade from the admin panel, I got this error: Websites are still running well, but I cannot acces to admin interface anymore. Any ideas guys ? A database error occurred SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1061 Duplicate key name 'guid'
  3. Thanks d00p for answering me. But, if a customer chooses to delete his sub-domains he has created, in my mind, it make sens that the folder also is deleted. It's his choice. This path belong to a customer and his sub-domain. it's not a shared one i think. right ? Or maybe, it could be/become an option ? for example: when I delete a sub-domaine, we can have a checkbox: "delete folder also" ? with confirmation ? Anyway, thanks for this uge work !
  4. Hi. After 4 days tests, and many different install ( deb, tarball, debian 9 and 10, ubuntu server 18 LTS, apache, Nginx ...) i've still this issue: the sub-domain folder stay in my customer folder after deletion from the panel. I know, it's not a big issue, but I would have to have it clean before moving my websites from imscp. Cronjobs are ok, all vhost are deleted, no error messages in log files ( I hope so ) ... only these subdomain deletion is not working. Maybe it's the normal way ? do you have the same "problem" ? Thanks for your support. Francois
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