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  1. Being able to tell froxlor to use a different template using the Domains.add API call would be ideal. Either a path or a URL. Then I could generate this template before hand, place it somewhere before I make the API call to froxlor, and specify the path or URL to this template in the API call. Then froxlor can use this template when it builds the site instead of its default template. For the case where a URL to the template is provided (rather than a path), a ZIP/Tar file would be most practical. For a path it wouldn't matter. Due to security concerns in providing a path, it would probably be easiest to implement using some sort of "inbox" directory where a template could be written, then only the template name could be supplied to froxlor in the API.
  2. I'm automating the process of creating a web-based applications from a template in froxlor. I'm using the API to: 1. Create a domain 2. Create a database Then I'm bootstrapping the database and copying a web app (php files) into the domain's directory. Right now I'm sort of brute forcing this, by running a CLI script as root, which does all of these things -- running as root allows me to explicitly run the froxlor cron script to generate the site, and then copy the files into the domain's directory and changing ownership to the domain's customer user. However, I'd like to try to improve on this so that I don't need to run it as root. Ideally Froxlor would allow me to provide a custom "site template" for when it creates the site. Then I wouldn't need to do any post-processing outside of froxlor. Looking through the sources it looks like it doesn't do this right now - it just has a single "standardcustomer" template that it uses for all sites. Is there any recommended approach for this? Thanks for any pointers. Steve
  3. I'm writing a script to automate the creation of a domain/site with the froxlor API. I seem to be able to get everything to work, except that there is a delay for the SSL site creation. I'm manually running the froxlor_master_cronjob.php --force script to try to expedite the creation of the site. The letsencrypt certificate seems to be created successfully, but I get this error: [error] mysite.example.com :: empty certificate file! Cannot create ssl-directives (Note: mysite.example.com just a placeholder here - actual error contains my actual domain). I can run the cron script manually as many times as a like and it doesn't make a difference. But if I wait 5 or 10 minutes or so, it just magically starts working. What piece of magic happens in that time, and can I trigger that magic to happen directly? Thanks for any pointers.
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