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  1. Thanks, i knew that it must be somewhere, but i couldnt find that. Now im done with that, but yeah, there must be broken some config, because apache2 is crashing after startup and its propably connected to php-fpm and named, since they are not running too
  2. That will be tricky, cause idk where do i have password or even name of that db 😕
  3. Yeah, you are propably right, i think i left it on nginx 😕 So what now? Ye
  4. There seems to be more services that are not running, hm...
  5. Hi, I'm totally dumb, i messed up something and couldnt figure out what, propably more things at once, so i will describe my situation. I wanted to enable php-fpm and even tried to switch to nginx after and now i cant turn on apache, even after uninstalling nginx. Error: ● apache2.service - The Apache HTTP Server Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/apache2.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Sat 2021-08-21 18:48:37 CEST; 8s ago Docs: https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/ Process: 4109 ExecStart=/usr/sbin/apachectl start (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE) CPU: 57ms Aug 21 18:48:37 ns55461 systemd[1]: Starting The Apache HTTP Server... Aug 21 18:48:37 ns55461 apachectl[4112]: apache2: Syntax error on line 225 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 25 of /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/10_froxlor_ipandport_89. Could not open configuration fil> Aug 21 18:48:37 ns55461 apachectl[4109]: Action 'start' failed. Aug 21 18:48:37 ns55461 apachectl[4109]: The Apache error log may have more information. Aug 21 18:48:37 ns55461 systemd[1]: apache2.service: Control process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE Aug 21 18:48:37 ns55461 systemd[1]: apache2.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'. Aug 21 18:48:37 ns55461 systemd[1]: Failed to start The Apache HTTP Server.
  6. Hello, i want to ask how should i set up tls on smtp with froxlor. Do i need to generate new certficate for it or froxlor does it? Thanks for reply
  7. Im not dumb, i tried both FTP configs, didnt helped thought. Nevermind, i fixed it by adding user number to permissions. Thanks anyways
  8. Hello. I dont know how to enable permissions for FTP, can someone help me please? As far as i tried, it always says that the user doesnt exist. I can upload anything via FTP: "Permission denied" Thanks for any help.
  9. Thank you, you are the best. Sorry for me beind dumb, i dont know how i removed all the files there
  10. It looks like something deleted my previous installation and i had it in var/www/froxlor the whole time, because there is froxlor folder with just lib and userdata in it
  11. I changed it and it says froxlor isnt installed 😕 But it was
  12. How can i change doc root when apache2 is ignoring default configs?
  13. Yeah i know, sorry for that im just seeing your reply delayed every time
  14. Oh, so should i move that froxlor or can i safely change doc root to var/www/html ?
  15. Is there way to change that somehow when i cant acces that panel?
  16. Oh, no. My bad, froxlor configs are wrong, they are targetting var/www/froxlor instead of var/www/html/froxlor
  17. Yeah, i know it shouldnt change, but it worked before so i dont really dong know what happened. I see, i deleted default configs and as i see froxlor configs looks alright, but apache is still targeting wrong folder 😕
  18. Hello. After updating php then i cant access froxlor panel, because apache is targeting var/www/froxlor instead of var/www even when i have var/www set in 000-default Do u know where the problem can be? Thanks for answer
  19. I know this thread is old, but im actually having same problem. What helped in this?
  20. Nevermind, im dumb and i didnt wait for cron. Thank you really much and sorry about my dumb question, Keep your awesome work
  21. I mean if i will create domain and use ip adress with port 80 and 443 and try to load that domain it just dirrects me to froxlor panel not the domain folder itself
  22. Because i still dont know if one domain needs their ports or there is better way. Idk how to redirect that domain to right path otherwise without port
  23. So i should have only ip with 2 ports for non ssl, ssl and thats should be fine for multiple domains?
  24. yeah, can u tell me how, please? How should i correctly set the DNS for my domain?
  25. Yeah, seems to be working now. Thank you very much for your help I have last question. How to do DNS for "customer" domain, if i do have only one ip adress. Is there option for port forwarding or something?
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