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  1. You answered my questions perfectly. In this question I was talking about restricting access to admin interface per each user so we would ask the costumer from what public IP address he will access the admin console for initial login and then he could add or remove IP addresses from where he could access it. I guess we can do htaccess or vpn like you said but if you could do that via web console it would be a great addition... for feature descriptions I will ask on the forums as I go. If I decide to only run nginx are there any significant drawbacks for web hosting on froxlor
  2. Hello, We are looking to configure froxlor and we have some basic questions. What is the most common/recommended setup for froxlor? Is it to run each service (dns, web, ftp...) on different servers or having all services on one? I guess it all depends on the scale of hosting you are doing. We want to setup froxlor to be able to scale to many costumers and be resilient to network attacks. Is it possible to assign each service their own ip address?. For example we would have for costumers running their website on one ip address on ports 80/443 and 21 for ftp. Then we would have admin c
  3. Hello, Is it possible to configure froxlor, to edit dns records on dns server, that is not running on the same virtual machine that froxlor web editor is running? Thank you for your answer.
  4. Hello, We have control over our private and public network (servers and network equipment) and we would like to run froxlor behind a (hardware) firewall. Is there any technical reason why do you not allow private networks to be used for running froxlor? Currently we are running IIS web-server with private network setup inside and ip address translation via firewall to public network on the outside. Also if you add to the virtual machine private network and setup web server to install froxlor it will allow you to complete the installation with private ip but you will not be
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