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  1. Under customer > domains > ssl certificates i got There are no domains with SSL certificate error
  2. Thanks but how can i fix " SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER " error? thanks
  3. Hello all, I'm using one of my websites with Trust safe Pro ssl certificate, but for the other small websites i would like to use let's encrypt. SSL already working and activated in my vserver. But when i tried to activate let's encrypt from froxlor , i cannot access ssl copy-paste area under the domain/ssl tab. I successfully created ssl certificates under root with cronjob (domain.conf , domain.csr, domain.csr.conf , domain.key) Also it is not showing ssl certificates under froxlor ssl tab. When i tried to reach my website i got ; SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER error in mozilla. How can i fix it? Thanks! I used https://myridia.com/dev_posts/view/1696 page for installation
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