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  1. there is nothing about configuration... just how to install on many ways. I have install just as is wrote there.. from github... where is guide how to configure?
  2. also I was just noticed, that nothing happends when I make new user... Nothing in /var/customers/webs/ Yes, I was change all chmod 777 and still nothing appears there... EDIT.. I was try to set folder where are all my sites /var/www/html/ , and I am.. but nothing was happend. So, how client can upload files, when they haven't space for that? Yup.. I was try everything, Froxlor simple wont make any subdomain or customer folder anywhere... And I can' to find any reason for that... apache2 log file have not any error related for foxlor...
  3. huh.. i was found Access Froxlor directly via the hostname, and CHECK.. Nothing change if I type zmajsoft.ddns.net in browser, Still appear my old start page ... apache2 restart or something else?
  4. Do is possible to host sites from localhost ( I was install froxlor on my comp.. All is ok.. I have login page etc... I was have before running appache2 and ubutu bionic. By default my root is www/html/ that is place from where my site's runing... So... I was try to make my comp public ( yes I have dynamic IP but also and solution for that-> IP tunneling and no-ip site to solve rest..) And I was got what I want. All my sites work from my comp. Now, to return on question, I was install froxlor on www/html/froxlor/ and this is public now... but how to make root to be a froxlor?? now for froxlor I must type http://zmajsoft.ddns.net/froxlor/ and it's WORK ! If I type in browser only zmajsoft.ddns.net i get my old start page... And at last major question. How to make client site public??? Client have not possibilities to type anywhere ( or I can't find place) DNS , and I can't find place to see mine DNS... Any help of this? Do I need registered domain name? but zmajsoft.ddns.net is registered and works... In short. I need example or tutorial to see how to make client site public. tnx.
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