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  1. I've setup a new Froxlor installation, I have setup one in the past using Apache but that was a few years ago. Everything is running fine except for two strange issues that I have spent probably a week or more on and off trying to solve. Firstly every time the Froxlor CRON job is run it overwrites /etc/php/7.2/fpm/pool.d/www.conf killing the whole system as FPM won't run anymore. Quick fix is to copy a backup of that file and restart FPM, but don't seem to understand why or if it is intended. Secondly when going to a customers domain, any domain, any customer I am shown the Froxlor login page e.g. http://test.fkd.commuter.site/. I thought this should be the default .html Froxlor generates, unless I am wrong - possible incorrect setting. I have checked NGINX records for why and can't see to find the issue. I will keep debugging, but any help is appreciated - not sure what info to post on here, but let me know if anything is needed to assist. Thanks in advanced, regards Lloyd
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