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  1. I will create a cron-job for execute php script and i will create a Mysql Table with user that require a wordpress/joomla installation and i will execute a cron (that it will copy a wordpress/joomla folder and it will configure database) each n-minute.
  2. when I create a new user, the welcome's index.html is also created. if I wanted to create other files or folders, how should I do it? I am a PHP programmer but i don't know froxlor's structure
  3. I want create a new api functions to permit at my user installation of wordpress or joomla in his document root in /var/customers/webs/username My users must be able to decide whether to install wordpress / joomla on their site with one click Sorry, I'm Italian user and I do not speak well English
  4. I would copy in a user directory a file or folder with a new APIs function (that i would write if not exists) for example if user require a custom installation of wordpress or joomla. I think that i shoud see a cron's folder of froxrol but i want an help for my question. I don't know if i am intelligibile
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