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  1. I already have ready froxlor the folders of the users are created alone, everything works to the hundred, but now as I access to the sites of my users from the navigator it is to say www.examplepagecom
  2. I have ready froxlor, my folders are configured, now how do I access the folder var / customers / webs / $ username from the web browser
  3. what do you mean by this? ┬┐Wrong log. Try proftpd log..?.
  4. this is the error of the brand at the time of making the connection with ftp and filezilla
  5. I managed to configure to be able to access by ftp and the way to do it as a user sends me an error "error when connecting with the server"
  6. which is the correct configuration to implement the ftp connections (the server is an extension of amazon web sevices)
  7. if I have already done that configuration but I am using ubuntu 18, and there is no such configuration in the distribution, so I use the xenial configuration of ubuntu, and to believe that froxlor runs correctly in ubuntu 1
  8. in case it is not running PHP-fpm influences the functioning of froxlor?
  9. one more question in the version of ubuntu 16 at the moment of wanting to execute the script froxlor_master_cronjob.php I created the folders of the users var / customers / webs / username but when I accessed through the web I showed a 403 forbbiden error, do you have any idea why that happened?
  10. so far everything works as it should be since it generates me the user's folder ie var / customers / webs / nameuser it's just that flaw when creating a new user, I'm new to froxlor, and I've already had 18 servers configured until it seems to be running well,
  11. I mean when I think it's a new user, at the time of saving the paste, at the same time it's loading, and it does not stop until a message 504 Gateway timeout appears. I have to leave or close my session and then go back
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