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  1. Okay Thanks for the info, Let me try if I can get it working with the version installed.
  2. aha ok Seems it is: Installed version: (DB: 201809280) So now how can I update it? seems the auto update doesn't catching it.
  3. I am not sure about it\s version where to find it but on auto update its saying I already have the latest version of it
  4. I actually have checked all the right side settings and here is the system settings
  5. Can you let me know the page name or URL of that page? so that I can hit it manually though I don't have it in my options, I am using my admin account information for login.
  6. In settings I don\t see any option to Enable API
  7. But it seems I dont have that menu item it is showing me only Password and Language option.
  8. Is there anyone who can tell me HOW TO GENERATE the API Key and Secret so that I can use the REST API, I am using the admin account but nowhere I found the api key create feature. $request = [ 'header' => [ 'apikey' => 'dein-key', 'secret' => 'dein-secret' ], 'body' => [ 'command' => 'Customers.add', 'params' => $data ] ]; Thanks in advance
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