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MySQL Query for correcting wrong assoziation of subdomains to php configs (see bug #107)



When using fcgdi or a similar wrapper and using custom PHP Configurations for some domains there is a bug in 0.93 (fixed in SVN), were created subdomains are not using the desired custom config but the standard config.


As i said, this was fixed in the svn version, but this fix does not change any subdomains created until now. Espacially if there is a large amount of Subdomains, this is a problem.


Here is my solution, a little MySQL-Query, which changes the phpconfig to the one of the parent domain directly in database for all subdomains at once.


Please use this only, if you know what you're doing, and backup your data before. Use at own risk!

Simply execute this query in froxlor database:


UPDATE `panel_domains` AS p1, `panel_domains` AS p2 SET p1.phpsettingid = p2.phpsettingid WHERE p1.parentdomainid = p2.id AND p1.parentdomainid != 0;


If you are using a prefix, you might want to add this to the query, this was just my way of handling the mistakes done by the bug.

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