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Release: Froxlor 0.9.2


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It is a pleasure to see that our community is growing very fast and that a lot of people contribute to the forum and/or the bugtracker.


Today, we're announcing a minor bugfix release to Froxlor, which fixes the following issues:


* removed some more undefined variables
* fixed download of APS packages (bug #14)
* fixed wrongly used relative directories in APS installer/downloader (bug #15)
* fixed Postfix fatal: main.cf configuration error: virtual_mailbox_limit is smaller than message_size_limit (bug #19)
* fixed wrong configuration instructions for bind install (bug #20) 
* fixed realtime update function (bug #24)
* fixed system-last-guid check (ignoring nogroup/nobody with high guids)
* fixed unknown column in sql-query in ticket-system when deleting a user (bug #26)
* fixed versioncheck in admin-index when allow_url_fopen is enabled
* upgrading from SysCP- (2) SVN-version to Froxlor is now possible (bug #27)
* added 'apt-get'-command to awstats-configuration page (bug #28)
* fixed irritating language-strings on APS-errors (bug #30)
* fixed directory-access issue when not using FCGID with Apache (bug #32)
* fixed invalid sql statement (outdated table-field) in password-reset-function (bug #38)
* fixed dependency of allow_preset_admin for allow_preset (bug #40)


Download Froxlor 0.9.2

Visit www.froxlor.org or join our irc-channel #froxlor on irc.freenode.org


For the development of the complete rewrite for version 1.0 we have setup phpUnderControl on http://control.froxlor.org/ so you can see the progress, PHPUnit test results, CodeCoverage and much more. We try to achieve a highly modular framework to ease the development and later maintenance for different modules / tasks with this rewrite.


Thank you,

Your Froxlor Team

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