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[NOTICE] Before you post your issues



Hey dear,

please read this posting before you submit a new topic.

If you have a problem:

  • Verify that your bug isn't already reported on the bugtracker
  • Use a service like Google to search the Net against similar issues
  • Use the search function of this board (see at top in the right corner)

If your issue seems to be unknown, please submit a new topic with the following characteristics:

  • Use a title which describes the posting. Nothing else.
  • What is the exactly problem? What does not work or which symptoms do you discover?
  • Provide detail information about the problem: Provide server AND client (if exists) logs (nopaste them e.g. using pastebin.com)
  • Provide the logs even if you THINK that there are no errors
  • Provide your used configuration file contents. Nopaste them, don't dump them within your thread.
  • Explain your steps taken on the system. Example: Installed Froxlor with apt and the packages X/Y/etc., configured the system services with Froxlor's configuration templates, configured/ modified X/Y/etc.. (tutorials, auto.-scripts, etc.)
  • Provide information about your system: Distribution (name, version, etc.), architecture, used services (httpd, MTA, MDA, FTPd, etc.), Froxlor version, the way you have installed Froxlor (apt/git/tarball/etc.) etc.
  • Show the relevant settings within the (admin/customer) panel (screenshots are okay).
  • Is it a Froxlor related problem? Most of the bug reports in the forum here are not related to Froxlor. Please ask on this forum only support for Froxlor.
  • Please write in a clear language, so others don't have to think about what YOU tried to say

The more information you provide the higher is the chance to get new, useful and fast feedback. So please don't dump a problem without any necessary data.

If you have found a solution, please share it and may submit a new ticket on our bugtracker so we can integrate the solution in Froxlor.

Please report bugs on our bugtracker. The forum is made for support. Not everything is a bug. :)

Thank you :)

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