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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Everyone. Yesterday I launched a froxlor server on google cloud platform but google have blocked the default ports for mailling (https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/networks-and-firewalls#blockedtraffic) so my froxlor server do not send me mails like new database creation, new customer account creation, etc. Anyone knows how to change the default email ports in froxlor? Thanks for your help. Best Regards,
  2. Hello! Anyone knows How Can I point a specific port to my Hostname server?? In the secction ip/port I added a port 444 like a ssl port, when I type in my web browser https://mypanel.mydomain.com is redirect to 443 port automatically. But if I type https://mypanel.mydomain.com:444 works great. How Can I made my 444 port to default ssl port??. I mean when I type in my web browser https://mypanel.mydomain.com. It will be redirected to my port 444. Thanks Regards.
  3. Hello, I notice that in Froxlor, you can't set up a domain that's the same as the server's host name. How then is email for the server's hostname handled? For example, if my server's hostname is somedomain.com and I haven't set up somedomain.com as a domain with email accounts in Froxlor (because you can't), how would mail@somedomain.com be handled when it arrives? Would it be handled by the configurations in /etc/aliases instead? I'm a little confused. Thank you in advance!
  4. CentOS7 server running, Have installed LAMP and all is working correctly, Installed php-mbstring after some research, yum --enablerepo=remi install php-mbstring this showed the process as complete, but when I run Froxlor from my browser it tells me php-mbstring is not installed..also shows PHP version >= 5.3 5.4.16 rpm -qa php* returns Php-pear -1 .9.4 -21 .el7 .noarch Php –mysql -5.4.45 – 4.el7.remi.x86_64 Php –cli-5.4.45 -4 .el7 .remi .x86_64 Ph-gdp –bcmath -5.4.45 -4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php -5.4 .45 -4.el7 .remi .x86_64 P
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