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Found 2 results

  1. Hey together, after almost 4 years using Froxlor on a Jessie system and really no issues I installed now 3 times a new Buster image, unfortunatley the server is crashing really random without any informations I can find. Yesterday Hetzner changed my server, because they also told me this can be only a Hardware bug if the image is almost virgin, but today (and now we took that server live) the Server again crashed, so this can't be a hardware fail then. We are using just the Hetzner Debian 10.3 LAMP with Froxlor. Now Froxlor is the restored version from the old server, the crash is also with a plain image and a virgin Froxlor. Strange is, all Logs I checked are clean, there is nothing happen except that the logs are stopping all at the same time (when it freezes) and they are starting again when I make a hard reset. This is my journalctl from that time where the crash was. 19:59 I noticed that and restarted the server. May be somebody from you has an idea how we can figure out how this can happen and may be a solution 🙂 For me it's total not understandable. Thanks Jan HARDWARE:
  2. Hello! Froxlor is really a great Control Panel. I would like to install this panel and use it on our servers as primary control panel. I used Froxlor on Debian. The problem is I got some viruses on Debian because of some software related vulnerabilities. These problems are not happening when using Fedora, but we would like using Froxlor because it has a simple and clean interface, it is very simple to use and it is very fast, too. Does anyone know how to install Froxlor in Fedora? (It would be great if someone can post the entire process, installing dependencies and installing Froxlor) Thank you very much! We also want to contribute to Froxlor Developement, I am the executive manager of a web development and web hosting company and we would like to help Froxlor Team. What should we do?
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