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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I was trying Froxlor 0.9 in OpenBSD, and there are lots of differences in systems folders, files and commands when you are configurating the daemons. *BSD distros are used a lot in web-servers, it would be good for the project to keep this in mind, I can help with lib/configfiles/openbsd.xml and with the future Froxlor 2 for assessment in supporting OpenBSD. In case of the 0.9 version you should have an "example.xml" file to follow, but I can adapt the gentoo version to make a new one. So... offering my help if welcomed. FlingeR
  2. Hallo ihr Froxlor Freunde! Ich wollte mal dazent nachfragen, woran es bei der FreeBSD Portversion hakt - wir sind da immernoch bei - warum "hängt" das so lange zurück? Kann man helfen, damit es zeitnaher auch dahin portiert wird? Danke e-e
  3. Hello, i have nginx error: 2015/06/28 14:02:28 [crit] 81969#0: *8 stat() "/usr/home/customers/webs/test/aaa.bbb.lt/" failed (13: Permission denied), client:, server: aaa.bbb.lt, request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", host: "aaa.bbb.lt" This error exists because /usr/home/customers/webs/test permissions is 0750. I figure that this error occurs because my froxlor ftp users not in www group: #groups www www froxlorlocal libnss-mysql i think work good: # getent group ....... froxlorlocal:*:1003:www vmail:*:2000 test::10000:test,www,froxlorlocal tnetbalt::10001:tnetbalt,www,froxlorlocal why froxlor users (test and tnetbalt) not exists in www group? freebsd 10.1 froxlor
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