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Found 1 result

  1. Hey together, after almost 4 years using Froxlor on a Jessie system and really no issues I installed now 3 times a new Buster image, unfortunatley the server is crashing really random without any informations I can find. Yesterday Hetzner changed my server, because they also told me this can be only a Hardware bug if the image is almost virgin, but today (and now we took that server live) the Server again crashed, so this can't be a hardware fail then. We are using just the Hetzner Debian 10.3 LAMP with Froxlor. Now Froxlor is the restored version from the old server, the crash is also with a plain image and a virgin Froxlor. Strange is, all Logs I checked are clean, there is nothing happen except that the logs are stopping all at the same time (when it freezes) and they are starting again when I make a hard reset. This is my journalctl from that time where the crash was. 19:59 I noticed that and restarted the server. May be somebody from you has an idea how we can figure out how this can happen and may be a solution 🙂 For me it's total not understandable. Thanks Jan HARDWARE:
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