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Found 1 result

  1. Hello World, I'am proud to announce Twinkle as a pre-release. It's a full bootstrapped responsive theme which supports mobile devices and large desktops. I developed Twinkle because I was not satisfied with the mobile abilities of the old default themes. I needed to configure new customers or e-mail addresses when I'am on the road. Twinkle gives it best to support you to do this roadwarrior work! Try it! You'll find Twinkle at Github https://github.com/oschn0r/Twinkle Twinkle has some features (for now), that the default themes do not. with less eye-candy and more flat styles Full responsive for smartphones, phablets, tablets and superlarge screens Password strength indicator for all password input fields Dashboard is full customizeable, draggable and sortable. Positions will be saved in Local Storage and restored after page reload Hosting Package Button for easy setup of webspace, email, ftp, mysql and so on. (Configuration dialog comes soon!) APS Free. All APS code has been removed from Twinkle (if you'll find some APS appearances, pls inform me to remove that crap stuff) Internet Explorer 6/7/8 free, thanks to jQuery 2.0.3 Javascript magic to solve old markup failures from froxlor core nice and clean HTML5 markup with Frank Zappa magic in it Twinkle is not for you, if... Internet Explorer 6/7 or 8 is your major browser. you need APS abilities. if you love retro computing Twinkle is the best for you, if... you don't care about old browsers. want the best user experience for mobile and large desktop devices. loves Froxlor, because it's the best of its own. Installation Just clone Twinkle directly to your Froxlor template folder. Then change theme in Froxlor under Options -> Change Theme. # cd /path/to/your/froxlor/templates # git clone https://github.com/oschn0r/Twinkle.git Update # cd /path/to/your/froxlor/templates/Twinkle # git pull Roadmap Live Support Chat made with Twinkle-Bot and socket.io (all encrypted) Live Customer Log made with Logio per customer (encrypted too) Support Notification via Twitter, Google+ or Facebook if a customer needs help Twinkle Like WebFTP Interface CronJob Countdown to notify admins or customers when next cronjobs runs Work in progress It would be great, if you could post any wish to improve Twinkle as it best. My goal is to serve a perfect theme for the best system management console! Thanks in advance ingo aka oschn0r
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