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  1. Hi,

    I'm wondering what the idea is behind the functionality to move domains to another customer. I found it needs to be enabled in the settings and there is also some sort of warning.

    I tried that now for testing purposes and the process is not clear to me. I moved the domain and within froxlor everything looks quite OK. The data on disk has not been moved (as mentioned in the comment). So far so good. But next I wanted to get rid of the original customer and removed it from the panel. I also have chosen (with the possible risk in mind) to remove the customer data.

    Now really the testmailbox was completely wiped from disk although it belonged to another customer now. So is there anything else which could be done to sanitize such a move or is this really how it's supposed to behave? Given that it's not visible in the panel that there still is a mailbox in the data set one might just forget that such a thing exists and remove a customer which wipes production data in that case.




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