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  1. Also, considering I have already insalled it why it still shows the froxlor installation window
  2. the installation folder was froxlor and we can even see the installation window using that folder so I thought to see the files there.
  3. Thank you for your patience. I tried but it says chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/froxlor chown: cannot access '/var/www/froxlor': No such file or directory
  4. I did check the chown help and wrote chown root /froxlor without success
  5. I tried chown froxlor /www-data too without success
  6. something like this? sudo chown www-data:www-data <froxlor> sudo chmod g+w <froxlor>
  7. now I installed it. And I see this message File was saved in /tmp/userdata.inc.php, please move to /var/www/html/froxlor/lib/. I saw a similar issue in the forum and you provided this solution mv /tmp/userdata.inc.php /var/www/froxlor/lib But it doesn't work with me ubuntu and apache and it says mv /tmp/userdata.inc.php /var/www/froxlor/lib mv: cannot stat '/tmp/userdata.inc.php': No such file or directory despite it was saved in that directory
  8. now it is fine and probably I will see the issue you answered above
  9. Now I see froxlor folder on the both so it is just to understand why I do not see the installation window
  10. Hi there, I have installed froxlor but I see the folders but not the insallation window and if I check the subdomain I used for this test I do not see anything http://biz.algorithmicseo.xyz/froxlor despite using http://biz.algorithmicseo.xyz/ and I see apache any thoughts?
  11. I think there is a problem with the hostname. I will try again tomorrow.
  12. and the content should be my data about database etc etc
  13. Now I got it in the folder and I run the installation BUT it ends the installation saying: Could not create /var/www/html/froxlor/lib/userdata.inc.php, please create it manually with the following content:
  14. 🤣 i Understand. Honestly I did nothing else than what's written in that guide. But let me rebuild the server. And do it again step by step. Then I will come back here in the case it does not work.
  15. I think there is a problem with LAMP because I worked with the below guide: https://blog.ssdnodes.com/blog/froxlor-control-panel-ubuntu/ and I did everything alright But just before the point 3 it says to test the LAMP installation with a php.info file. And I do it. but I do not see it. in the browser I see Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80
  16. in this case I have: Not Found despite I have double checked it and after this command tar xvzf froxlor-latest.tar.gz -C /var/www/html it has been extracted somewhere. and I guess froxlor folder because it is the only folder I see
  17. But now at my ip address I see apache2 ubuntu and not froxlor
  18. I followed a guide step by step. And this was the almost the last step. That's why I wanted to do that. I'm trying doing what you said with tar xvzf froxlor-latest.tar.gz -C /var/www/html but it does not work. Any suggestion?
  19. with these messages mv: cannot move 'froxlor/tests' to '/var/www/html/tests': Directory not empty mv: cannot move 'froxlor/vendor' to '/var/www/html/vendor': Directory not empty
  20. in effect sometimes I'm too impulsive. it was here https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/how-to-clean-var-directory-635863/ but I knew it was not the same Honestly I care just about froxlor and this server is pretty new. There is nothing on it other than LAMP and froxlor the point is why I'm stuck here: $ cd /var/www/html $ sudo wget https://files.froxlor.org/releases/froxlor-latest.tar.gz $ sudo tar -zxvf froxlor-latest.tar.gz $ sudo mv froxlor/* /var/www/html
  21. I'm not expert and I found that command on a different website. Great to know your suggestion. But how to know which folders are in var html and how to delete them or how to avoid this issue? Thank you
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