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  2. I managed to configure to be able to access by ftp and the way to do it as a user sends me an error "error when connecting with the server"
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  4. which is the correct configuration to implement the ftp connections (the server is an extension of amazon web sevices)
  5. if I have already done that configuration but I am using ubuntu 18, and there is no such configuration in the distribution, so I use the xenial configuration of ubuntu, and to believe that froxlor runs correctly in ubuntu 1
  6. Sorry pal, i'm really having a hard time understanding you....your system does not seem to be set up correctly. As said, adjust all the settings according to your needs, then goto configuration, choose your distro (or compatible), and run all the commands shown for the selected services you need.
  7. in case it is not running PHP-fpm influences the functioning of froxlor?
  8. You seem to be using PHP-FPM but then again not correctly. Is PHP-FPM running? Is it even activated and configured in froxlor?
  9. This can have many causes. First be sure the page points to the correct docroot. Check whether the generated vhosts look fine, etc.
  10. one more question in the version of ubuntu 16 at the moment of wanting to execute the script froxlor_master_cronjob.php I created the folders of the users var / customers / webs / username but when I accessed through the web I showed a 403 forbbiden error, do you have any idea why that happened?
  11. so far everything works as it should be since it generates me the user's folder ie var / customers / webs / nameuser it's just that flaw when creating a new user, I'm new to froxlor, and I've already had 18 servers configured until it seems to be running well,
  12. Never had this issue, take a look at the Webserver Error Log
  13. I mean when I think it's a new user, at the time of saving the paste, at the same time it's loading, and it does not stop until a message 504 Gateway timeout appears. I have to leave or close my session and then go back
  14. Did you adjust your settings and set up and configured all services needed according to the config templates? The Cronjob - if configured - runs every 5min by default so no need to run the Cron manually. Your other issue, regarding leave your admin session, requires so more info. I have no clue what you mean
  15. I managed to install froxlor on a nginx server with ubuntu 18, everything runs fine, the folders / var / customers / webs are created in the same way, my error is when I run the cron file so that it generates the users folder automatically, I have to run it every time I create a user as well as leave my admin session because the page stops responding and only lapses loading, is there any way to solve this?
  16. ah ja. mal in hourly kopiert, mal sehen
  17. Manuell forciert oder nur abgewartet? Normal macht das der Cronjob - schau Mal da gibt es eine cron.d Datei namens "logrotate"
  18. hab mal folgende config erstellt, aber er macht nix, die Logs sind teilweise größer als 1MB... in der Doku steht ja, er rotiert sobald größer als 1MB /var/customers/logs/*.log { rotate 3 missingok notifempty size 1M compress delaycompress create sharedscripts postrotate /etc/init.d/apache2 reload > /dev/null 2>&1 || true endscript }
  19. Nennt sich "logrotate" - da gibt es config Vorgaben unter "system (sonstiges)"
  20. moin, hatte gerade folgendes problem: die error.log von einem Kunden war gerade 18GB groß und somit lief mein vserver voll. der Kunde selbst hat nur 50MB speicher, das hat ja aber leider nichts mit der Log zu tun. kann man denn nicht irgendwie einstellen dass die nicht so groß werden kann, damit sowas nicht passiert ?? eine fehlerhafte Schleife kann sowas ja ganz schnell verursachen...
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  23. Estoy empezando a usar oxflor, pude resolver el problema con el archivo cron. pero para resolverlo, intente ingresar la dirección de mi servidor por el navegador, me envía el error 403 prohibido
  24. I'm starting to use oxflor, I was able to solve the problem with the cron file. but to resolve it try to enter the address of my server by the browser sends me the error 403 prohibited
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