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APS problem





I have installed froxlor on a machine of mine and have enabled APS packages.


When i click "download all packages from distribution server" it takes a long time before it is ready, but when it is ready and i click "Scan for new packages" many packages do not install with the following error


"This is not a valid APS zipfile!"


Can you tell what is going wrong here or what i'm doing wrong?


Examples of packages with this error are:

"BV Commerce-5.0-5.app.zip"





Examples of packages that did install in the system are:

"4 images 1.7.6. (Rel 1)"

"Advancedgeustbook 2.4.4 (Rel 2)"

"Drupal 6.19 Rel 2"

"Webcalendar 1.2.0 (Rel 4)

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maybe too new (new structure, new standard version)


I have looked further, and tested it on another system wich is still running Syscp and Syscp can install the versions which do not install on Froxlor.

Have you changed anything on the APS system, compared to Syscp ?

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