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Migration SysCP --> Froxlor on vServer



Hi there,


currently I'm migrating my physical webserver to a (much cheaper ;-)) vServer. On the physical machine I used SysCP for about 3 years. The vServer runs Debian Lenny.


I've installed a clean SysCP on my vServer and transfered all the SysCP files and database content to this new server. After that I migrated SysCP to Froxlor without any visible problems.


Obviously everything seems to run fine. For example, if I add a new database within Froxlor it will be added to the /var/lib/mysql dir after a few minutes (realtime feature not needed). But the system won't create dirs for the old databases which existed in SysCP already so that I'm not able to import the MySQL dumps from my old server. Also the database access rights originally created by SysCP aren't available in MySQL. Only the base dirs for the installed webs were created in /var/customers/webs/ by the cron job.


Does anybody know how I can "force" Froxlor to create the missing entries? Any help appreciated! TIA!



Greets from Germany (maybe the next Soccer world champ ;-))


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Hi Florian,


ah - OK. So I exported my old mysql config database, edited the SQL file and imported it on my new server. Worked fine.


Thanks for your help!


The only thing which did not work: since Wednesday 10:15 p.m. Germany has no longer a chance to become the next Soccer World Champ *LOL*





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