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libnss-extrausers and su



Hi, I'm trying to create a chrooted environment for a froxlor user (eg: username). libnss-extrausers is installed for php-fpm support.

However, when trying to chroot the user,

su - username

fails with the following error:

su: user username does not exist or the user entry does not contain all the required fields

Am I missing something? Why can't su find the extrauser?

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Thank you, I did that - using a shell like /bin/bash works fine.

However, using the "chroot" command without "su - username", my user writes all his files as root, not as "username". Thats where I need the "su" for, which is not working...

EDIT: Sorry, some more context: I need sudo rights to use the "chroot" command, afterwards I need the user to switch back by using "su - username". This is where my problem is.

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