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Release 0.10.38 - Maintenance and minor bugfixes


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Dear Froxlor community,

besides possible bugfix releases, this will be most likely the last 0.10.x release. All new feature requests or enhancements to the current feature-set will be redirected to the next major version. All 0.10.x installations will be upgradeable. We plan on having a public beta soon and depending on the feedback a stable release by the end of the year.

Changes in 0.10.38:

  • correct Dropdown directory selection; fixes #1044
  • add security question for deleting api-keys to avoid accidental deletion


Download: 0.10.38 | website

Visit http://www.froxlor.org, join our Discord channel (https://discord.froxlor.org) or join #froxlor on irc.libera.chat for support, help, participation or just a chat

Thank you,

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