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DKIM Ubuntu 12.04 (precise)



Hi guys. First let me thank you for developing / supporting this great soft!


I checked Configurations for Domain Key Filter on Precise.


There's something strange:


Instructions how to config "/etc/dkim-filter.conf" are left empty for Ubuntu Precise. Configurations for other distributions are not empty. Should I leave them empty on Precise? I don't understand why.


I understand that Froxlor tends to keep all settings in mysql. However fields dkim_privkey and dkim_pubkey in panel_domains table are empty.


Should I manually insert there the keys? And later, how should I then instruct postfix and dkim-filter to read the keys from mysql?


I'm not sure how Froxlor handles all this. It looks a bit confusing and I'm not sure whether I should follow the froxlor path to install DKIM or do it manually in a more traditional way. I'd rather use Froxlor if possible but I'm not sure if the DKIM part is not 100% functional for Precise.


I have multiple domains on a single mail server and libnss-bg and I'd like to have each domain their own DKIM keys.


Thanks guys again for Froxlor. I see how it has improved over the years! This is the only doubt I have this time! Been using it since the syscp times.

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How to install dim-filter? Can't find it in current Ubuntu destros. :/

Does Debian 7 introduction also work for Ubuntu or it isn't added because of known incompatibility?


Getting the following error when choosing "Config -> Ubuntu 12.04 -> Mail server (IMAP) -> Domain Keys":

PHP warning/error

#2 file_get_contents(./templates/misc/configfiles/ubuntu_precise/dkim/dkim-filter.conf): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

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Well, but in config it says openkim is not supported.. and php is throwing the error message provided above.

*sigh* ... Gamerboy59....you're everywhere! Just leave it this time..please. Also, see http://forum.froxlor.org/index.php/topic/12525-dkim-ubuntu-1204-precise/#entry26223

Well, I thought it's maybe updated and just the statement is outdated. :D
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