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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I was unable to find much help with this and with a little and nervous trial and error the below will change a lost Admin password to 'Password!' - mysql -u root -p - Enter in the root SQL password - USE froxlor - show tables; make sure you can see panels_admin - describe panel_admins; (This is not necessary but will show you the table layout) - select loginname from panel_admins; (This is not necessary but will list the admin usernames, Admin is default) - select * from panel_admins; (This is not necessary but will show you all data from the panel_admins table) To change the Admin username enter the below on one line; UPDATE 'panel_admins' SET 'password' = '0040f2abc2cff0c8f59883b99ae9fab6' WHERE 'panel_admins'.'loginname' = 'Admin'; This will set the password to 'Password!' for the admin username. Hope this helps someone....
  2. Hallo, habe vor Kurzem Froxlor auf einem Debian 8 mit PHP7 installiert. Soweit so gut, bis auf Let's Encrypt läuft auch alles (habe gesehen, dass es hier viele Threads zu gibt, aber noch keine Zeit gehabt, dem nachzugehen). Nun ist es geschehen, dass ich mich auf einmal nicht mehr einloggen kann (mit meinem Admin). Habe 2 Mal das Passwort zurückgesetzt (Link via Mail), nichts. Schaue ich in den Code und folgendes passiert: (in validatePasswordLogin) $pwd_check = crypt($password, $pwd_salt); Liefert immer "*0" (ohne Anführungszeichen). Habe $pwd_salt ausgelesen und lokal crypt damit ausgeführt, bei jedem Passwort kriege ich dieses Ergebnis. $pwd_salt hat den Wert "$2y$07$". Als Verschlüsselungsmethode ist BLOWFISH gewählt und password_verify mit dem in der Datenbank gespeicherten Wert liefert auch das gewünschte Ergebnis
  3. I've installed Froxlor on Debian 8 and followed all of the instructions in the configuration section of the management panel I've created a new customer and create a domain under them I've logged in as the customer and created a new email address and made it an account I've installed afterlogic webmail in the domain's document root Afterlogic (webmail) gives the error "incorrect username or password" when I try to log in I've tried adding the account in an email client (mail on windows 10), same error My DNS and MX settings are correct It seems like the mail account is just not there, even though it's set up in froxlor The username and password have been created in MySQL database "froxlor" in table "mail_users" I don't know what to do next, or even what question to ask Any suggestions on how I should proceed with troubleshooting
  4. When i use SHA 512 Passwords in froxlor they (sometimes) don't seem to be written correctly into the froxlor DB, they appear to be "cut off". Example: i set an FTP-Account for my user "test" to "Password0815!" with SHA 512 selected and it results in "$6$79lV@Ef", that is obviously way to short. Further testing shows that this is unrelated to SHA512 any encryption setting will do this it just appears to happen more often with SHA 512. "sometimes" the full hash appears in my froxlor DB, and then (just updating an FTP user password with the SAME password again) the hash is cut off and hence the user cant login. I can do that 6 times and at least 2 times the hash is cut-off. I am not quite sure how i can investigate this further, any hints are appreciated. System is deb 7 with nginx + php-fpm
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