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  1. Does FROXLOR support external SMTP server for customer's account ? Can different customers be assigned to different SMTP servers for their emails
  2. Hi I opened this thread so all related Questions by me would SIT in one place. No need opening many threads for similar questions
  3. Ensure you have libnss-mysql installed Alternatively, Tick Use libnss-extrausers instead of libnss-mysql BUT thatis if you are on Debian or Debian Derivatives and you have libnss-extrausers installed
  4. Thanks Was just thinking without Actually Thinking. Well I have now thought a Little. Here's my Plan Get a new IP address for my Friend, His domain is already registered elsewhere so I will Create an A record using the new IP address and Link his Domain to my Server I can always create an MX Record, SPF, etc specifically for him since he now has a seperate IP address. Just want Pros in house to help me point out if am still making myself vulnerable in any way. NB: Have done something like this before but it's been long and can't remember exactly how BUT then, I wasn't afraid of what sort of emails would be sent BUT I want to be sure None of His actions would be traceable to Me or my Server. I believe if his emails gets marked as SPAM, his IP address ALONE would Suffer and not mine. I will just harbor him for a few days or Maximum of 1-week Thanks
  5. A Summary of what I want to do Buy a different Server, Create MX-Server and Use the IP address to create an account on my own server which already has FROXLOR installed. Don't want to Install anything on the new Server, Will only use the IP address. Want to know if this s enough to avoid any compromise on my server in terms of Email Sending Reputation & making sure My server is not tracked should he in any way do something funny. Hope am clear enough.
  6. Hi Sorry to Bother you BUT I need a little input from you Guys please. I already have a running server which has FROXLOR installed on it and everything (except the occasional 403 errors I complained about earlier) works fine. . Now I have a friend who wants to do Email Blasting (Sending Large Quantities of Email Messages) for just a couple of Days or week . I want to let him use my server BUT I planned getting a separate Server so he doesn't Mess up my IP address. BUT I want to know if I can just Buy a New Server and use the IP for his own account so I don't have to get a new server entirely. He will be majorly sending emails though is free to do anything else with the Account I create for him as long as he doesn't exceed the time frame I gives him. Please kindly do let me know if there's anything else I might be risking going this route . Is getting him a different IP address safe enough for him to use my server and not cause any issue like do something that might put me in trouble or affect My email sending capability. Security wise, I have no issue. Thanks for your time
  7. Okay No I see it. I understand my issue is a Permission issue BUT the way it keeps happening util I clear log files makes me kinda lost hence reason for asking someone more experienced in it. Mind having something such as Paid Support ? Just a suggestion though so we know we have something to lean on. Thanks for your time and all
  8. When we ask Questions ad Get a Helpful Response, 2 or more things happens Other Users experiencing same or similar problem(s) automatically get response to their issues. While using ISPConfig, I never asked any questions (didn't even register at their forum till this day) as I always see it already asked and answered by someone else. We end up assisting other Users experiencing same and/or similar issues. etc Still waiting for your response to my question. Thanks
  9. Wow!!! Does it mean we never can run into issues needing external help at times? Don't know about you BUT no one knows it all. Even most Guys working with the big hosting companies sometimes need help from CPanel technical support. Anyway, care to help look into the issue I was having . Thought it wise getting in touch here because this is FROXLOR's forum where I know the Lead Developer/ Maintainer resides. We all run into issues no matter how learned we might be. Saw someone @rashantha who seemed to have numerous issues initially to the extent of moving From CentOS which he was using initially to Debian (Same thing I did myself) now answering 1 or 2 questions to help another fellow new member. Take it or leave it, FROXLOR is very good, unclustered and neat BUT lack of clear documentation (a lot of newbies actually easily finds the incomplete tutorials online) + Froxlor developers assumption that everyone one should be almost a Pro Linux Admin to use FROXLOR is what I think is keeping FROXLOR's adoption rate where it currently is because it's actually a very good product. I came from ISPConfig, Left it due to UI looking so Old despite the fact it has much more Features, there are lot's of documentation to help both new and existing Users. Also, I have never used their Forum BUT I have seen lot's of funny questions being answered without making a fuss of it.
  10. Hello @d00p Need your help in here Thanks
  11. Hi All, Am having an issue of frequent 403 errors on all websites hosted on one of our VPS Server Make-Up OS: Debian Stretch PHP version: PHP 7.0.27 WebServer: Nginx /1.13.12 Webserver interface: FPM-FCGI My Issue: I keep on having 403 errors on all websites hosted on a VPS administered using FROXLOR panel and I have checked all I can without finding any culprit. What I have Tried: Checked all websites files permissions and ownership rights which are all okay. I have also disabled the Anti-Virus we were running for sake of emails . The anti-virus was mostly to scan emails but can equally scan files and only report issues without taking any action. Have equally added more rams just temporarily to cancel my thoughts that it might be low memory which i was sure wasn't the issue My Temporary Solution : is to empty the content of /var/customers/logs/ AND also Rebuild config files on Froxlor to regenerate the files back and that solves the problem till next occurrence which can take a couple of days to start again. My Suspicion: Does the size of logs in /var/customers/logs/ have any effects on the websites. Asking this because there are log files (mostly ***-access.log ) which can get larger than 1GB BUT as soon as I delete the entire ( both ***-access.log and ***-error.log ) files and regenerate them again using FROXLOR interface, all websites starts working perfectly again. PS: I understand 403 error message on a website is mostly due to a permission issue BUT for this issue, I can't tell what might be the issue as I have confirmed Files and Folder permissions and all are okay. Froxlor is running perfectly Okay without any issues. Thanks
  12. Hi If you are having issues, kindly let me know. Froxlor is actually easy to use - problem is that there are certain assumptions the system or the programmer expected of the admin while building FROXLOR - it's not so noob friendly like the Popular CPanel or even a few others. You need at least basic knowledge to be ale to use FROXLOR + lot's of tutorials on the web are incomplete. I too faced issues initially but thanks to Doops patience and support + a tutorial sent to me by a user via chat, am enjoying FROXLOR today. Catch me via +xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Calls & WhatsApp). Am sorry BUT am not always on the forum. Thanks
  13. Am Kingsley, Am a programmer who can also manage your servers. Want to know if this position is still available. Am a developer and also manages a number of servers some of them running FROXLOR Control Panel and some not running any panel at all. Kindly do let me know if this position is still available as am interested and available to take it up. Thanks Kingsley +2349020325050 (Calls & WhatsApp) | info@baconsol.com
  14. Am sorry for asking BUT what happens when a User uploads a compromised script OR has a compromised/infected website ? I understand every user runs under their own name:group but is there any possibility that a Compromised user/file can infect or affect others on same server ? Additionally, does an infected email in a user's mailbox have any impact on the server or is it only active and will affect the user's PC when opened by the user in their browser ?
  15. D00p Means Web-File-Managers are dangerous hence won't be introduced Now or In-Future versions of FROXLOR. But you can always use FTP either installed on Desktops (e.g File Zilla) or Browser based (e.g Mostra FTP, Net2FTP, etc) . If it's just you, better to use Desktop based FTP clients. NB: I would suggest if you are going for Browser-based FTP solutions, make sure it's one you can download and host yourself.
  16. Hi Please am still waiting on how to send you Server login Thanks
  17. Hi Please how do I send you server access I have joined irc://irc.freenode.net/#froxlor using MIRC client but yet to get any response. If you drop your email, I will send you server access. Thanks
  18. Hi Am trying to figure out what am doing wrong both in CentOS 7 and Ubuntu and I have narrowed down to few points among which is this Failed to restart php-fcgi.service: Unit php-fcgi.service not found. Now despite the fact that FROXLOR seems to be php7.1 ready and I have been using php7.2 and php7.1 with corresponding php7.1-fpm But FROXLOR's vhosts are configured with a different php-fpm which seems to have it's configs (thanks to FROXLOR's configuration set-up) on my server but the service isn't able to start due to the fact it's not really installed. Am talking about php-fcgi.service which gives this error "Failed to restart php-fcgi.service: Unit php-fcgi.service not found." . Now am using php-fpm and not php-fcgi . I have narrowed much of this issue to php-fpm or php-fcgi which is part of the configuration being set-up at Ubuntu Trusty (14.04) » Webserver (HTTP) » nginx Configuration Set-up Page . .html pages seems to work perfectly but .php websites gives either 404 error or 502 Bad Gateway . So I know issue must be either php-fpm or php-fcgi And just so you know, i use NGINX with php7.1-fpm Please kindly help me so all the days, money and resources (left work, bought server 4 times, Sleepless nights & days) won't all go to waste. All my life, I have never faced this issue before But since it's same on Ubuntu and centOS 7, I know it's not FROXLOR's issue + there are people using FROXLOR. Am happy to say things seems to be much more better here on Ubuntu than on CentOS 7 . Here is the last part of the error log from one of the test domains 2018/02/08 10:48:14 [crit] 12080#12080: *1 connect() to unix:/var/run/1-zigdonor-zigdonor.com-php-fpm.socket failed (2: No such file or directory) while connecting to upstream, client:, server: zigdonor.com, request: "GET /index.php HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/1-zigdonor-zigdonor.com-php-fpm.socket:", host: "zigdonor.com" 2018/02/08 10:48:14 [crit] 12080#12080: *1 connect() to unix:/var/run/1-zigdonor-zigdonor.com-php-fpm.socket failed (2: No such file or directory) while connecting to upstream, client:, server: zigdonor.com, request: "GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/1-zigdonor-zigdonor.com-php-fpm.socket:", host: "zigdonor.com", referrer: "http://zigdonor.com/index.php" Websites works well if it's html but would give error if .php webpage
  19. Please be patient with me Sir I believe it's almost over. You don't know what I have gone through just to make this work Also can you drop the IRC channel. Saw one in froxlor's website but my browser was unable to open it Thanks
  20. Yea I have just managed to do so But am hitting another issue though Below is a sample config for /etc/nginx//sites-enabled/10_froxlor_ipandport_178. if I comment out the LISTEN parameter, the website works but if i uncomment it, the whole server is unable to serve php files but would serve .html files. # 10_froxlor_ipandport_178.79.170. Please kindly help look into this. Would be waiting for your help161.80.conf # Created 07.02.2018 17:16 # Do NOT manually edit this file, all changes will be deleted after the next domain change at the panel. server { # listen default_server; listen default_server; # Froxlor default vhost server_name server5.baconsol.com; access_log /var/log/nginx/access.log; root /var/www/baconsol.com/cpanel/; index index.php index.html index.htm; location / { } location ~ \.php { fastcgi_split_path_info ^(.+\.php)(/.+)$; include /etc/nginx/fastcgi_params; fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $document_root$fastcgi_script_name; fastcgi_param PATH_INFO $fastcgi_path_info; try_files $fastcgi_script_name =404; fastcgi_pass; fastcgi_index index.php; } } NB: Initially, I had an issue which is related to this thread https://forum.froxlor.org/index.php?/topic/13329-solved-unknown-error-not-in-option-system_ipaddress/ But luckily, adding my IP address to FROXLOR IP & Ports section (which was surprisingly empty unlike when FROXLOR is installed in CentOS that it's auto filled. ) solved the issue. UPDATE 01 Changing the LISTEN Parameter to either listen *:80; OR listen localhost:80; solves the server-wide 404 error issue for .php files But Since whatever changes made to FROXLOR generated vhost files are lost on next domain edit or whatever, how do I permanently fix this. UPDATE 02 I can confirm that Unchecking Create vHost-Container: in IP & Ports solves the 404 error issue as the vhost file is now empty with just the following as it's content """"" # 10_froxlor_ipandport_178. # Created 07.02.2018 18:38 # Do NOT manually edit this file, all changes will be deleted after the next domain change at the panel. """"" My Observation Ubuntu seems more suited for FROXLOR than CentOS 7 as most configurations/defaults are correct .
  21. Hi Am once again giving Froxlor another trial But am now doing so on Ubuntu (even though it's my first time using Ubuntu since am coming from CentOS 7). I have installed everything but now am on FROXLOR Configuration page trying to generate a configuration for Ubuntu but all I can see for Ubuntu is Ubuntu Precise (12.04) and Ubuntu Trusty (14.04) But am on Ubuntu artful (17.10) and since am new to Ubuntu (using Ubuntu all because of FROXLOR) , I really don't know how to adapt the configuration. Any help would be appreciated. Server Machine is: Nginx Ubuntu artful (17.10) PHP 7.1 Mariadb Latest Froxlor from froxlor.org waiting for your kindful assistance Thanks
  22. Nice and Great work doop . Really wished FROXLOR worked for me. Also did the overriding nginx try_files setting implementation make it into this Release ? Thanks
  23. Okay now What do you use - FROXLOR with NGINX or FROXLOR with APACHE ? Maybe I would follow what you use if NGINX is too much on FROXLOR Am not so much a NOOB BUT FROXLOR is making me look worse like one
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