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  1. No, operating a server is easy: When you write documentation in whatever little world you live in, and it doesn't make sense to the rest of us, then you give us shit for asking for help; that's my issue. You need to shut up, step up and get real. Your own services went down for a while. Again, shut up, step up, and man up. I don't know if all you Germans are like this, but you aren't the best. I am sincerely worried about your mental health, buddy. You push off all advice and questions as if I am nothing compared to you. The fact is that you don't know me, and let's be frank: You don't care. A
  2. Then why does it say to use "www-data"?!? And why does when I type that, it works, but my other username, it doesn't? Well to be honest, I followed your instructions to the letter, so if you mis-translated something or didn't take the time to even look and make sure that your program worked then you need to check your privilege and come down to earth with the rest of us because your attitude isn't helping anyone. That I did the troubleshooting steps that you so rudely pushed on other users. Other END USERS. No. There is two levels of end-users: Me, who is the end-user of your
  3. Further, I would like to ask why I as the end user needs to set everything up (ie: where cron goes, etc, etc)
  4. Hello. I have been looking around the forums for about two days now, and can't find an answer, so I am begging for help! I have everything installed on a clean run of Ubi14.04 with all updates to everything. Plugged nano, curl, and wget into my normal setup process. When I installed Froxlor, I ran into some issues because of the documentation pointing to /var/www/froxlor rather than /var/www/html/froxlor as it should have been. Fixed that, did my chow chow (chown) to the www-data user and everything was fine for a few minutes, but now I get a constant error every 5 mins or so saying
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