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  1. I enabled curl_exec module, now all its working with php-fpm. Regards
  2. It is the last update of wordpress, the error is: Error: Missing header/body separator. When I disable php-fpm and my server is working with apachehandler like a webserver interface, wordpress run great. But when I enabled php-fpm show the error.
  3. Hello! I have this error HTTP Error: Missing header/body separator, in my web app when PHP-FPM is enabled. When I disabled PHP-FPM the web app works fine. Any idea or additional config to php-fpm?? Thank you, Regards.
  4. Hello Froxlor Comunity from the other side of the ocean. I'm happy. Three months ago I started using froxlor panel. At the beginning I did not know nothing about froxlor, now my server is working great I have 10 customers hosted and 15 domains. All the features of my server are working good, now I wanna add to my server, mail service with froxlor. I'm looking for information but I am little confused with things like mx records, web mail app, how works the mailserver, etc.. I'm asking myself if you can post information about mailserver froxlor panel setup/configuration. I will really appreciate that. Thank you. Regards.
  5. Great, thanks for the support!. Regards
  6. Yes, I saw. One question, What means "monkeys ate the integrity"? At the upgrading process... Thanks, Regards
  7. I posted on the bugtracker, sorry If it don't. But I'm sure because looks like bug or in a better description "correction" Auto Update does not work when you have a customized froxlor directory. For example if you have /var/www/html/froxlor the auto update works great but if you have /var/www/html/panelfroxlor the auto update does not work.
  8. Yes, I catch the problem I think it is a bug, I will post in the bugtracker. But in the upgrading process I saw this message "Mokeys ate the integrity" hahaha. What means that? All looks fine after the upgrade. Thanks.
  9. No, I dont I have 0.9.36 version.
  10. Ohh Thanks, Any way to repair the auto-update option?? Regards.
  11. Hello! I can not update via "Auto-Update" option, froxlor identifies the new version but when I do click in the "Auto-Update" I have this message: Froxlor update You already have the latest Froxlor version. Any Idea? Another way to safe update?? Thanks. Regards.
  12. Hi There, Anyone kwons How to solve froxlor-user in the customer groups (for FCGID/php-fpm) -- FAIL? In the database validation. I click in Fix problems automatically, but after the next cronjob run. It FAIL again. Regards,
  13. Wow, congratulations Froxlor Dev Team. Your improvements are good and each time better.
  14. Hello! Anyone knows How Can I point a specific port to my Hostname server?? In the secction ip/port I added a port 444 like a ssl port, when I type in my web browser https://mypanel.mydomain.com is redirect to 443 port automatically. But if I type https://mypanel.mydomain.com:444 works great. How Can I made my 444 port to default ssl port??. I mean when I type in my web browser https://mypanel.mydomain.com. It will be redirected to my port 444. Thanks Regards.
  15. Your cronjob is config correctly?? try forcing your cronjob. php /var/www/html/froxlor/scripts/froxlor_master_cronjob.php --force --debug With this command you can view if all your services are working correctly. Recomendation: config all the services first. webserver, dns, ftp, mail (if you use), cronjob, php-fpm, etc.