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  1. Oh ok, I'll do that. Thanks for the reply man!!
  2. I can login to root and other ssh users using SFTP (ProFTPD) without a problem but I can't connect via sftp to any of the froxlor clients that I add via the panel though. With some help from here, I did the following: Add the following to /etc/proftpd/modules.conf LoadModule mod_sftp.c Add the following to /etc/proftpd/sql.conf Include /etc/proftpd/sftp.conf Create file /etc/proftpd/sftp.conf with following content: <IfModule mod_sftp.c> SFTPEngine on SFTPLog /var/log/proftpd/sftp.log SFTPHostKey /etc/ssh/sshhostdsakey SFTPHostKey /etc/ssh/sshhostrsakey </IfModule> Restarted proftpd and ssh If I try connecting via filezilla to a froxlor client with host sftp://server-ip username say, user1 and the user password, I get the following error: Error: Authentication failed. Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server Please let me know if there's any info, logs, config, etc you would want me to provide.
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