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  1. Maybe there is an understanding problem how dkim has to work. I will go to "German discussion" because that makes it easier for me
  2. Regarding port: there was a simple typo in postfix/master.cf in section "submission". Corrected now. Additional info after I have cranked up log levels. Now I see these two lines in amavis log which may declare - but I do not understnad: Aug 1 12:31:38 myserver amavis[31973]: (31973-01) dkim: candidate originators: From:<info@ballaballa.com> Aug 1 12:31:38 myserver amavis[31973]: (31973-01) dkim: not signing, empty signing domain, From: <info@ballaballa.com> Test if mail has to be signed is coming via port 10023. No other tests should be done. How can I disable domain based tests? I thought declaring a policy_bank is sufficient...
  3. I am little far now... It seems that the lines submission inet n - n - - smtpd -o cleanup_service_name=cleanup_submission (...snip...) -o content_filter=smtp-amavis:[]:10023 are not sufficient that postfix transfers outgoing mails via port 10023 to amavis. There is no traffic on this port when I send a mail - but identification for amavis to sign dkim is incoming on port 10023. What can override my setting for postfix?
  4. I want to start dkim signing. I know that is not related to froxlor in secific but it may fail because of froxlor settings for postfix... I have followed instructions I found here: https://kb.kolabenterprise.com/guides/configure-dkim-signing-and-verification-using-amavis There is no error to see in the logs, but messages are not signed. I tried to increase log_level of amavis and I cannot see there is any try to sing messages. Related per package for DKIM is installed and shown up correctly when amavis starts. Any advice is highly welcome... Best regards df8oe
  5. Done. But I have choosen another way: - changing customer ids in froxlors database tables mail_users, mail_virtual, panel_databases and panel_domains - aligning informations in panel customers (number of databases, email, subdomains e.g.) - changing paths (replacing old customer name in paths by new one) - changing names of databases - moving mail folders to new position (no changing of owners and permissions neccessary) - moving webfolders to new position (ownership of files must be aligned to new owner) - aligning static paths in webcontent to new one (one bash line using 'sed') - aligning paths (e.g. for attachments) that are stored in CMS and forums databases of customer That all took 15 minutes. At last I changed one setting in froxlor domain panel so that froxlor initiates cron job - and after cron run everything was transferred to new customer. All pages are working, all old emails are swapped, everything is working as expected. I think it is possible to do all this by php instead of by hand - but I do not know if the function is important. Disclaimer: if you follow this way please make a backup before changing anything. I cannot guarantee if it works under all circumstances - for me it is doing the job.
  6. I have already reverted manually changings in froxlor database. Resources of customer are all set to infintely... I think it will be much easier to delete the domains and subdomains and add them at the right customer later.
  7. I have tried. First I have added new customer: successfully. Then I tried to add a NEW domain. New customer appears in the list of domain holders. Then I went to an existing domain and tried to move it to new customer: New customer does NOT appear in the dropdown list of possible domain holders??!! OK - strange. Very strange. Then I modified froxlor database manually and changed customer id in domain. Now the domains appear in customers froxlor panel - fine. But if I call them in admin frroxlor panel they are still displayed as owned by old customer - strange again. I have not seen where froxlor gets this information - it cannot be out of the panel_domains table. It seems so that the function for transferring domains to another customer are not working as expected...
  8. What about existing subdomains which already exist? Are they moved, too?
  9. My intention is every time "first English". I am working as maintainer for an amateur radio firmware project hosted on github and if we want to get contributors we must speak English. I think froxlor is a piece of software that is used all over the world so maybe the problem is in interest of English speaking pepole, too...
  10. That is dependent to the sight of view. I can understand your state - but in the case a full working domain and everything that is related to it shall move from one customer to another databases and emails must be moved, too. In my case there is a "eingetragener Verein" who owns some domains is splitted up to two "eingetragene Vereine" and so some domains must move to new customers. There is no problem by hijacking anything - it must be a clear splitting up for *the future*. If they do not trust each other email passwords can be changed in the froxlor panel for each customer by himself. I will investigate and maybe it is not as difficult. I already have taken a look at the related froxlor databases and I think it is little changing within them.
  11. Databases should be moved, too because of many CMS only work using databases. Of course it is possible to use old database settings - but in this case the old owner can access the database which is not intended. I will take a look if I can solve that by changing the froxlor database settings via phpmyadmin @root to swap ownership to new customer. Or simply make a backup of database, remove old database and create a new one at new customers settings... Emailaddresses should move, too because they are part of that a user calls "domain". So I will take a look if I simply can move dovecot folders to new customer and change permissions. then I will change settings via phpmyadmin in froxlor database. There is already much work done when all domain related settings are migrated. Setting path by hand is much less problem. Many thanks for your help and informations - all that will make process easier
  12. Very nice feature - I haven't recognized before... Some questions about it: 1) databases What happens to databases? Are they moved, too? Are they renamed? What about the passwords for databases? 2) emailadresses Are they moved, too? Passwords are transferred? New empty mail structure folders created? If so: Can I simply move the contents of the old mailfolder to the new position and change owners to keep old mails alive? 3) webcontent Is old configuration (lets encrypt, target folders) transferred unmodified so that I only must match the paths to new position? Of course everything in the webcontents itself must be aligned manually, too. Froxlor is very mighty
  13. Hi to all, I do have some domains working with froxlor which are owned by customer xx. Now these domains including the mail accounts must be seperated and added to user yyy on my server. I have not seen any possibility to do this "automated". Before I damage all I am asking here I would start this like this: - copy all folders containing website stuff from folder /var/kunden/www/xxx to /var/kunden/www/yyy - chown all the files and folders to user yyy - changing possibly static paths in any php (or similar) settings from /var/kunden/www/xxx/ to /var/kunden/www/yyy/ - delete domain in froxlor panel from user xxx - create domain in froxlor panel for user yyy (including lets-encrypt settings and so on) Hopefully this will do it for running the websites again. But now there are the email addresses, which are running on dovecot. There are 5 email addresses with hundreds of emails present which must move from xxx to yyy. I am not sure how to manage that. Possibly this way? - after moving domain from xxx to yyy creating email address in froxlor panel for user yyy - moving complete dovecot-folder from /var/kunden/mail/xxx/ to /var/kunden/mail/yyy/ - chowning the folders and files ?? can this do the job?? Best regards df8oe
  14. Danke für den Stupser. Ich hatte mich nur nicht getraut das auszuprobieren (ist halt ein Produktivsystem...) Mit deiner Bestätigung ist das für mich die "Lizenz zum Probieren" Danke! LG DF8OE
  15. Moin an die Community, aktuell habe ich Apache2 mit mod_php @Debian Stretch am Laufen. Es stellt sich aber immer mehr heraus dass ich für unterschiedliche Kunden unterschiedliche php-Versionen vorhalten muss. Alleine schon für mich selbst: So kann ich auf bestimmten Domains ältere php-Scripte an neue php-Versionen anpassen bevor es brenzlig wird... Ich habe mehrere Möglichkeiten im web gefunden, wie man das realisieren kann. Man kann mittels mod_proxy arbeiten und den unterschiedlichen Versionen unterschiedliche Ports geben - oder mit socks (mir am sympathischsten). Ich habe auch schon gefunden, wie man Froxlor auf php-fpm umstellt. Aber in allen Fundstellen ist immer nur die Rede von EINER php-Version, und in die Zeile zum Neustart von php kann man doch sicher auch nur einen Pfad eintragen, oder? Kann mich jemand auf einen Link stupsen, wie man mehrere php-Versionen mittels php-fpm und Froxlor hinbekommt? Und ob die php-Versionen dann via Froxlor per Domain oder via htacess gesteuert werden? LG DF8OE
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