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  1. I am aware of that, for the older packages in the Debian repository however, the invalid GPG key error persists. Which is why I was wondering if the old packages have to be signed with your renewed key.
  2. Ah, thanks for the update! The GPG error however still shows up, do the packages have to be signed with the new key?
  3. I understand that the new .deb package and the renewal/replacement of the GPG key is going to take some time, so I was wondering if we could get an announcement when that has happened? Seeing that quite a few people are waiting for a resolution to the problem, it seems appropriate and would spare us the need to regularly checking the forums to see if there is any update on this issue.
  4. For those who are using fcgi it might be interesting to know that the nss-mysql.conf and nss-mysql-root.conf files changed as well.
  5. 1. Yep, I'm running lenny. It is up-to-date with point releases and security updates, i.e. this dpkg update has been applied. That has quite probably nothing to do with it, but on the off chance that it has... 2. Yes, I was using the official repository at http://debian.syscp.org. 3. Thanks, I hope it will safe somebody else a bit of head scratching.
  6. I found three issues while upgrading: 1. Any "aptitude update" run after adding froxlor to the sources.list will result in: W: Conflicting distribution: http://debian.froxlor.org lenny Release (expected lenny but got ) W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems 2. Installing the froxlor package will not remove the syscp package (but manually purging syscp seems to work just fine) 3. A hint in the postinst message to remove /etc/cron.d/syscp and to create /etc/cron.d/froxlor might be helpful, I almost forgot that.
  7. Great, I have been waiting for the Debian repository. Currently I have sysCP installed from their Debian repository. What would be the best way to upgrade to the current Froxlor version? I am thinking of: Adding the necessary lines to my sources.list aptitude install froxlor edit the userdata.inc.php with the data from the sysCP version of said file (or can I lazily copy the entire userdata.inc.php from sysCP to froxlor?) aptitude remove syscp (or can I even purge without loosing anything important?) Update my apache alias from /var/www/syscp to /var/www/froxlor And finally remove any left overs in /var/www/syscp and the sources.list Am I missing anything? Since I only have my one production box I would not like to take a shoot in the dark... Final question: has the froxlor package the same dependencies as the syscp package? Else a removal of the latter would probably also remove all pulled in packages, such as apache, postfix, etc.
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