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  1. Well you can use FroxlorEvent::fire('CustomEvent', $eventdata); If one module depends on the other, they could theoretical use events (and if something is missing it simple won't get an answer). I made a pull request for the current changes (rebased and updated to last release): https://github.com/Froxlor/Froxlor/pull/344 Do I think it's the right way? Depends. From the technical standpoint plugins can run on their own quite nicely. when they need to interact with code in Froxlor there are lot technical problems with the current codebase. I use the plugin system to create nssextrausers and
  2. Sorry, you get this wrong, this could be a start for a "proper" patch. Nothing that should be used out of the box in it's current form as the events currently leak to much of the "internal" State of Froxlor. (Specially the Cron Task IDs).
  3. Hello Maybe still useful for someone: -edit- (Don't use it in current form, only as source for ideas) -/edit- https://github.com/eis-os/Froxlor/tree/plugin-system Hook System Plugin System Install / Update System for Plugins (easier to track changes) Settings Wrapper Events are globally defined in /lib/classes/event/class.FroxlorEventConstants.php (only some are defined yet) FroxlerEvent is the static class as glue between Froxlor and Froxlor Plugins. A plugin extends /lib/classes/plugins/abstract.FroxlorPlugin.php, internally it does automatically setup the necessary event
  4. Hello I have a import export script for SysCP/Froxlor, once a buggy export for VHCS. The idea is to have a panel neutral json exchange format. (Not so easy task, so currently it's more fixed to Froxlor/SysCP then I like). It uses PDO to connect directly to an Froxlor/Syscp Database, can be exported to a json file or simple dump. The json file transfered to a new system, imported and then a full rewrite is done in Froxlor. Important part for me was to have a system that works completly outside of a panel so I can use this even if something goes wrong. PDO mysql is there on most h
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