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  1. soon, sorry we're all a bit busy these days
  2. We try to get it into 0.9.17 1) for 1.0 -> PEAR standard; for 0.9.x -> something....we don't really know 2) we are aware of the resolution-"problem" and trying to get rid of the large overviews with the new theme
  3. That's correct, the internal-version has not increased because there were no database-updates necessary.
  4. Hi Froxies, we welcome you to an all-new version of Froxlor: 0.9.15. One of the major changes is that we dropped support for Debian etch (please note: the 0.9.15 packages are incompatible with etch, but you should upgrade your distribution anyway!) and that we now have a complete native support for the NGINX webserver (developed by a community-member: Philderbeast, thank you very much). Please note, that the Dovecot and Courier - configurations have changed due to a bug with allow-imap and allow-pop3, please compare your installed configurations to the configurations in the panel. UPDATE: The configuration templates for Dovecot ('dovecot-sql.conf') are not working properly in 0.9.15. Due to a wrong SQL-query it is not possible to send mails. Either use the quick-fix below if you already installed 0.9.15 or if you are a new user, use Quickfix dovecot-sql.conf open the file /etc/dovecot/dovecot-sql.conf (or similar) find the line that starts with 'password_query = ' now replace (at the end of the line): AND ((imap = 1 AND '%Ls' = 'imap') OR (pop3 = 1 AND '%Ls' = 'pop3')) with AND ((imap = 1 AND '%Ls' = 'imap') OR (pop3 = 1 AND '%Ls' = 'pop3') OR '%Ls' = 'smtp') The following changes and features also found their way into 0.9.15: Legend: ChangeLog: Download Froxlor Visit www.froxlor.org or join our irc-channel #froxlor on irc.freenode.org Debian packages are in process of being built and will be available later today as usual. Thank you, your Froxlor Team
  5. thrre already is a donate button on the sponsors-page
  6. Definetly yes PS: your python stuff sounds terribly pedestrian - plus only a bit of this can be done by Froxlor (the Vhost e.g.) EDIT: i voted for 'no' because i don't think many people will need/use this (at least for 0.9.x)
  7. if you want, collect some more infos about that, and i can take a look at this (you might as well just report a bug (feature request) for that) there is no ETA for 1.0
  8. Hello Froxies, today we're releasing Froxlor - due to a false path-value, the newly integrated HTMLPurifier could not be found and so the support-ticket system became useless. This release fixes this issue. It is recommended to update to this version if you depend on the support-ticket system. Also these little changes found their way in * Allow selection of php-configuration for Froxlor vhost [FCGID-Mode] (bug #414) * Added missing $smtpd_sender_login_maps in postfix-main.cf [FreeBSD] (bug #420) * Fixed Autoresponder if Reply-To header is present (bug #423) Download Froxlor Visit www.froxlor.org or join our irc-channel #froxlor on irc.freenode.org Debian packages are in process of being built and will be available later today as usual. Thank you, your Froxlor Team
  9. Hello Froxies, today we're releasing Froxlor 0.9.13 - again we received a lot of feedback from all of you which helps us make Froxlor better and better every time. Also, we are looking forward to our first FroxCon which will be in mid-october. See more in this thread These changes found their way in 0.9.13: * Fix monthly Awstats generation (bug #240) * Improve behavior of security-questions (bug #332) * Added checkbox to prevent creation of index.html in home directory (bug #369) * Added checkbox to prevent creation of unneeded statistics directories (bug #370) * Control amount of autoresponders per customer (bug #377) * Restrict sender address to logged-in SMTP user in postfix (bug #379) * Removed display of RegEx within the password-complexity error-message (bug #392) * Correction of domain-list view (bug #394) * Fixed SQL-query in customer management (bug #397) * Fixed autoresponder when automatically answered mails being received (bug #399) * Fixed postfix-dovecot configuration-templates for Ubuntu Lucid (bug #401) * Added support for CGI APS-packages (bug #404) * Fixed usage of usernames instead of uid/gid when fcgid is not enabled (bug #407) * Fixed up irritating texts on the panel (bug #408) * [Gentoo Ebuild] Added php.ini creation for own vhost (bug #411) * Fixed deletion of files when a domain gets deleted (bug #415) Download Froxlor 0.9.13 Visit www.froxlor.org or join our irc-channel #froxlor on irc.freenode.org Debian packages are in process of being built and will be available later today as usual. Thank you, your Froxlor Team
  10. Hello Froxies, this year, we'll start our 1st official FroxCon *Update* You can now sign-up for the FroxCon at http://froxcon.froxlor.org/. It would be nice if you do so we can prepare properly. When? 16th October, 2010 Where? St. Ingbert, Germany What's this about? meet and greet with the Froxlor-Devs contribute and work with us on the upcoming Froxlor-1.0 discuss problems and new features have a lot of fun Program FroxCon 2010 - Program and check out the new website: FroxCon 2010 How much does it cost? 10,- EUR per person, to cover the expenses.
  11. We work for free, support for free on the forum, our irc channel and via e-mail. Of course we can put a link/logo/etc. on our sponsors page for you.
  12. For installation/management i think "froxlor-help.net" is a better contact (which does that professionally) but on the other hand, that would not help Froxlor itself I hope you can understand that we - the Froxlor dev team - have not enough time to handle server management for others
  13. Hello Froxies, today, http://www.froxlor-help.net/ launched their services: Commercial support and help for installation and configuration of Froxlor and needed services. This service is brought to you by the external service-provider NuTime. For more information visit http://www.froxlor-help.net/ or contact the webmaster at mk@froxlor-help.net (also, feedback or suggestions are always welcome).
  14. A directly update is possible, all newer Froxlor versions include updates of previous versions. You can always update to the latest version, no matter what version is currently used.
  15. Right now, we only have donate-button on our website (http://froxlor.org/sponsors.html), but for regular payments I'd have to check out what paypal can do Also, nice idea with the forum+ads and forum-without-ads (if paid)...
  16. We don't have any amount in mind we have to reach - every bit helps. i like your idea of this "monthly payment"...
  17. 1) we do have that (NuTime UG, see imprint) 2) and 3) are only possible if there's one who does this as a fulltime job 4) nice idea so far
  18. You mean like some kind of paypal-"subscription"?
  19. Hello Froxies, You all may know or can imagine, that when managing a open source project it sometimes comes to the point where you have to think about money. We don't want you to think that we want to ask for money here - we would never do that. We just like to hear some ideas how you think we could manage this. There are quite a few things we have to pay at this moment such as domains, developer meetings and the new support-hotline we want to set up for you, which also costs us a few bucks per month (more info about that will be published when we've finished the setup). So we thought about what to do and came up with three possible solutions: 1. place some ads in the forums (which we don't like very much, but could help a lot) 2. start a fund-raising (which will then be once, no monthly payments) 3. find sponsors (which is not as easy as it may sound as we cannot provide contribution receipts) What would be your favorite? Do you have any other ideas? Any help is appreciated and welcome. Thanks in advance, the Froxlor team
  20. Hello Froxies, today we're releasing Froxlor 0.9.12 which comes with a lot of bugfixes and improvements (thanks to the community) such as 'FCGID Vhost Container for the Panel itself' and some more e-mail notification templates for customization. These changes found their way in 0.9.12: * Allow files to be set as 40x & 500 error-handler (bug #267) * Added possibility to use FCGID also for the Froxlor-panel itself (bug #305) * Improved/Reviewed autoresponder-source (bug #308) * Fixed various file-permission-commands in the configuration-area (bug #309, #310) * Added pure-ftpd to Gentoo, fixed configuration for debian-based systems (bug #311) * Added possibility to use Perl/CGI for Apache+SuExec users (bug #319) * Fixed editing of mysql-databases in customer-panel (bug #325) * Added possibility to add a subdomain of another domain as "full"-domain in admin-interface (bug #329) * Fixed issues when saving settings with attribute "dir" (bug #331) * Set default path for FTP-accounts to customerroot (bug #338) * Fixed usage of chattr under FreeBSD, it is named chflgs there (bug #339) * Added possibility to customize the description of a directory-protection via htpasswd (bug #345) * Added e-mail notification template for 'forgot password' (bug #354) * Remove fcgi-starter if domain has been deleted (bug #367) * Added '{COMPANY}' template variable for all e-mail templates (bug #376) Download Froxlor 0.9.12 Visit www.froxlor.org or join our irc-channel #froxlor on irc.freenode.org Debian packages are in process of being built and will be available later today as usual. A little heads up for users on Debian Squeeze (Lenny users can safely ignore this): the upcoming Package (read: 0.9.13) will contain major changes, in particular: * move most of the package content to /usr/share * implement debconf for storing options which are needed on upgrading (for example, user:group when using FCGI, currently, we just rely on www-data being used, which is not optimal.) * Config Templates for squeeze (finally!) this changes will prepare the package for upstream inclusion see, this ITP however, please note that this may or may not happen in squeeze+1 depending on the state of 1.0 when squeeze is released, you might just end up seeing 1.0 there This will *not* hit lenny as the upgrading between versions on lenny should be painless and we don't want to introduce major changes, we understand that not pushing the debconf change to lenny might be suboptimal for people that want to use FCGID for the froxlor vhost and apologize for the inconvenience Thank you, your Froxlor Team
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