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  1. Okay thanks for the support!
  2. Okay and if I have an account the mails are also getting stored in my inbox AND forwarded to my destination address, right?
  3. Okay thanks! So the default is when my mails are getting forwarded I don´t get them additionally into my mailbox - is that correct?
  4. Thanks for answering and I don´t know if I´m just blind but I can´t see any option when I´m adding a forwarder to choose if I want to get the mails also in my inbox or just in the inbox from my forwarders destination address.
  5. Hi everyone! I´m sorry if this question has been asked but i couldn´t find anything. So i wonder if there is any possibility to choose if the mails should also be stored in your inbox (or not) while you have an active forwarding setting. Thanks for your help! Greetings :)
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